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opusVR - Total Immersion

Virtual Reality Made with Love in Hamburg

opusVR - finally hitting the stage of VR
Since a few months Absolute Software ( and bloomimages ( are working on the joint venture "opusVR" which just popped up these days to widen the range of the World Wide Web. We're happy to announce that we built cuttin' edge software which will bear the comparision with the solutions of the global competition. Thus it feels a bit like a quite sofisticatedfirst person game for the user who explores the virtual venue we created. Forthermore the user is not only able to explore, he or she can configure different default variables in the virtual world like items, decoration, furniture, flooring and clolours. Additionally the user can interact the venue by switching on lights or open doors but also simulate daytimes, seasons or weather. Together we create high end, realtime VR-visualizations for B2B customers primarily with a real estate or architectual background. Aviation and shipping will likely follow soon.
Additionally we create a complex database including 3D data and characteristics of everything we build in our virtual worlds - comparable to a brick construction kit for VR. The bigger the database grows the faster we'll become constructing virtual rooms.
Absolute already developed high end 3D solutions in the early 90's for prominent global companies. bloomimages supports famous projects and architects with its extraordinaryarchitectual 3D visualizations.
Apart from all the vizualisations we also create new ways to move in the VR. We try to create custom-fit ways to make the VR solution intuitivly operable and as accessible as possible.
We are looking forward to help the German and other international markets to join the VR movement with high quality solutions in realtime.
Again: what does it feel like? Imagine you're playing Counterstrike (a famous first-person shooter) in your neighborhood but you don't hunt or shoot - instead you experience and customize your future home or office until you love it! :)
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